Macron accusing china of hiding the facts of covid 19, and Germany declares control of the epidemic

Macron accusing china of hiding the facts of covid 19,

The data gathered for the number of cases of coronavirus around the world today, Friday, showed that the number of infections rose to more than two million and 183 thousand cases, while Germany announced the control of the epidemic. On the other hand, French President Manuel Macron accused China of hiding the facts.

The data of the “World Meters” international platform specialized in statistics showed that the total number of injuries amounted to about two million and 183 thousand and 942 cases, as the data showed that the number of people recovered reached 552 thousand and 822 people, while the number of deaths increased to 146 thousand and 873 cases.

The United States is the country with the highest number of cases, followed by Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Iran and Turkey.

According to international statistics, the number of injuries in the United States reached 678,210, along with 34,641 deaths, and 57,844 people recovered.

China: deaths and accusations
Today, China announced 26 cases of HIV infection, but surprisingly, it also announced about 1,300 additional deaths with Covid-19 in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak after reviewing the death toll, due to suspicions of miscalculation of its initial outcome of the victims of the epidemic, which also led to an unprecedented economic downturn in the country. In the first quarter of the year.
In a statement posted on social media, the city – which has a population of 11 million people who were put under quarantine in late January – stated that some patients had died in their homes at the height of the epidemic, because it was impossible to go to hospitals. Therefore, they were not included in the official statistics, which take into account only those who died in the hospital.

The new statistics raise the death toll in Wuhan alone by 50% to 3,869.
The review comes at a time when the accuracy of Chinese data on the Corona virus has been questioned abroad.
The French president joined the skeptics implicitly in the data provided by Beijing on the epidemic, as he considered that there are gaps in China’s management of the emerging Coronavirus crisis, and told the Financial Times that “there are things that have happened and we do not know.”

When asked whether “authoritarian” regimes are better able to manage this type of crisis, Macron said in the interview published Thursday, “There are obviously things that have happened and we don’t know.”

The French President indicated – as Elysee Palace explained – that in democracies that guarantee freedom of information and expression, crisis management is transparent and subject to discussion, unlike (other) regulations where information and expression are controlled.

Germany declares control
Health Minister Jens Young announced Friday that the new epidemic of the Corona virus “has been brought under control and managed” in the country.

“We can now say that we have succeeded in moving from a vital increase to a stable increase, and the infection rates have decreased dramatically,” he said at a press conference, explaining that Germany has tested about 1.7 million people so far.

According to a federal agency, the data showed that every person infected with the new Corona virus in the country is for the first time transmitting the infection to less than one person, at a time when the largest economic power in Europe is preparing to ease the procedures of closure.

According to data released late Thursday by the Robert Koch Institute – a federal disease surveillance agency – the infection rate for Covid-19 between one person and another fell to 0.7.
Previous data for the institute indicated that confirmed cases of the virus increased by 3380 cases to 133,830 to record new infections for the third day in a row, as the data showed then that the number of deaths increased by 299 to 3868 cases.

Close for months or years
While the Americans and some European countries hope to soon lift some isolation measures, some countries have strengthened their measures in return, amid expectations that the isolation measures will continue for months or even years to come.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said today that restrictions on public life in the country may remain imposed for another year due to the pandemic.

These countries have not yet witnessed large numbers of infections and deaths due to the Covid-19, like other countries, after Australia closed its borders and imposed strict social divergence measures over the past month.

As a result, the daily growth rate in new recorded injuries stabilized below 5%, from about 25% a few weeks ago, to a total of approximately 6,500 injuries, including 63 deaths.

Morrison went back to saying that some measures, such as rules that require people to stand at least 1.5 meters from each other, will likely remain in effect for months, given that there is no guarantee that a vaccine will be developed during that period.

New injuries
As part of today’s death toll and deaths due to the epidemic, South Korea today announced the registration of 22 new cases of Covid-19 virus during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases to 10,635 cases.

The number of deaths so far reached 230, an increase of one death from the previous day.

In Thailand, 28 new HIV infections and one death for an 85-year-old woman with health problems were announced today. Since the outbreak, the competent authorities have reported 2,700 injuries and 47 deaths, while 1,689 patients have recovered and returned to their homes.

In Mexico, officials of the Ministry of Health announced yesterday the registration of 450 new cases of the new Corona virus and 37 deaths, bringing the total number of cases to 6297 and 486 deaths.