What is the latest assessment of coronavirus in France?

What is the latest assessment of coronavirus in France?
What is the latest assessment of COVID-19 in France?

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran communicated the latest assessment of the coronavirus in France from Monday April 6. Here are all the figures in detail:

98,010 cases in total (Ehpad included), i.e. 5,171 more in 24 hours
8,911 deaths in total, 833 more in 24 hours
29,722 hospitalizations, 831 more in 24 hours
7,072 people in intensive care, 94 more in 24 hours
6,494 hospital deaths, 605 more in 24 hours
17,250 people healed, 1,067 more in 24 hours
23,620 cases in Ehpad, or 1,259 more in 24 hours
2,417 deaths in nursing homes, 228 more in 24 hours
If the data of the intensive care units are more encouraging with 94 new patients admitted in one day, the assessment of Monday April 6 is particularly heavy. It reports 833 deaths in 24 hours – including 605 in hospitals, a record death in 24 hours – against 357 additional victims between Saturday and Sunday.

Olivier Véran announces a vast screening operation
During the daily press point of the Ministry of Health, Minister Olivier Véran announced, Monday, April 6, the establishment of “a vast operation to screen the most vulnerable people with priority on the elderly, people the most vulnerable, as well as the professionals who accompany them in institutions and at home. ” The objective is to “test all residents and all staff from the appearance of the first confirmed case of coronavirus patients” within an establishment. A public health operation that will “be able to organize in the most secure way possible” in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 in these particularly exposed places.

What consequences for the French economy in 2020?
During a hearing by the Senate Economic Affairs Committee, Bruno Le Maire expressed his concerns about the economic consequences of the Covid-19  crisis on France. The Minister of Economy said that the country was “likely” to experience its worst recession since 1945. “The worst growth figure that has been made by France since 1945 is in 2009 after the great crisis financial year 2008: -2.2%. We will probably be well above -2.2% “, he explained.

What are the latest announcements in education?
A few days after announcing that the baccalaureate and the 2020 certificate would be marked on the basis of continuous assessment, Jean-Michel Blanquer provided further details on the current school year. On RTL this Monday, April 6, the Minister of Education said that “all high school students will have classes until July 4 as soon as the confinement period is over”. “If the confinement period is over in the meantime, we will have succeeded in getting the students to work more in June,” he said.

What are the latest news this Monday, April 6?
The peak of the near coronavirus expected this Monday in Ile de France? According to a document of the Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals (AP-HP), dated March 31 and consulted by Le Parisien, the peak would be expected “around April 6”, that is Monday in the Ile-de-France region. The Grand Est region is hoping for a lull, with a peak “probably before April 25”.
Martin Hirsch confirms stabilization. Present on France Inter this morning, the boss of the AP-HP Martin Hirsch speaks of a “stabilization” of the situation after “a week which was terribly trying” by explaining that “the impact of the confinement is major, c that’s why we shouldn’t let him go now. “
Strongest recession since 1945. The words are very strong and are signed Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, during a hearing by the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs. The latter indicates that France should experience in 2020 its strongest recession since 1945 “The worst growth figure that has been made by France since 1945 is in 2009 after the great financial crisis of 2008: -2, 2%. We’ll likely be well above -2.2%. ”
France refuses aid from the Czech Republic. Six people with covid19 were to be transferred to the Czech Republic after a proposal by Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis. Refusal from France and Edouard Philippe who expressed “thanks” by explaining that the situation in France “has improved and that they will not take advantage of our offer” explained the Czech executive.
480,000 tickets were issued. Guest of France Info this morning, Christophe Castaner indicated that 480,000 tickets have been drawn up for three weeks adding that there have been “1.4 million checks on the roads of France since Friday morning”.
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