Britain may face 6 covid-19 waves .. the statistics predict the high epidemic victims

Britain may face 6 covid-19 waves .. the statistics predict the high epidemic victims 1 1

A prominent doctor has warned that Britain may have the highest death rate from the outbreak of the new Coronavirus in Europe, and demanded that it be better prepared for other waves of the epidemic.

In a video interview with the British Parliament’s Health and Welfare Committee, prominent doctor Anthony Costello criticized the British government and said it had been “very slow” in responding to the “Covid-19” epidemic.

Costello, the former director of the World Health Organization, told the parliamentary committee that the country must face a “hard reality” in that it did not react quickly enough to warnings about the outbreak of the Corona virus, according to the News website.

Costello, a professor at the World Health Institute at University College London, said Britain would likely end up with the highest death rate from the new Corona virus in Europe, and would outpace Spain and Italy in terms of deaths.

He explained that in order to avoid another significant rise in the number of deaths, once the country begins to ease the procedures for the closure, the British government should strengthen the ability to test the community and adopt a tracking connection similar to South Korea, adding, “We all hope that the national closure and social distancing will lead to curbing the epidemic.” Big picture, but we will face more waves. “

“We need to make sure that we have a system that can not only perform a certain number of tests in the laboratory. We also need a system at the district and community levels to quickly test people in the community and in nursing homes and make sure that the results are returned to them very quickly.”

Costello pointed out that it is likely that the most vulnerable people in Britain will remain in “some form of closure” until a vaccine is available for the virus, which has killed more than 14 thousand Britons and infected more than 100 thousand others.

While some expect the vaccine to become available in the spring of 2021 as soon as possible, Costello suggested that Britain may face up to 6 waves of Covid-19 epidemic until that time and that the total number of deaths across the country may eventually reach 40 a thousand.

Costello pointed out that the large number of coronavirus deaths in Britain should serve as a grim reminder to the government that it needs to respond more quickly to future outbreaks.

He explained that while “we should not blame at this stage”, the government “can be sure in the second wave that we are not too slow.”

The government announced the extension of the quarantine measures taken on March 23 “to at least three weeks”, in the context of its efforts to curb the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.

After several days of declining death toll, the Health authorities have pointed to a possible rise in numbers due to the delay in calculating the long weekend deaths for Easter.