Coronavirus in Britain .. The Queen recalls memories of war and promises to defeat the epidemic

Coronavirus in Britain .. The Queen recalls memories of war and promises to defeat the epidemic 1 1
Queen Elizabeth recalls memories of war


In a rare speech to the nation, Queen Elizabeth was inspired by the events of World War II, and told the British people – on Sunday – that he would triumph over the Coronavirus if it persisted in the face of general isolation measures.

And in her fifth television address just since she sat on the throne 68 years ago, Elizabeth called on the British to show the resolve of their predecessors and demonstrate that they are the power of previous generations.

“We are facing this disease together, and I would like to assure you that if we remain united and steadfast, we will overcome it,” said the 93-year-old queen, in her speech from Windsor Palace where she lives with her husband, Prince Philip (98).

“We will meet again … and the good days will return again,” she added, in direct reference to the most famous British song of the 1940’s war years, when the queen was a teenager.

“Despite the challenges we have faced before, this challenge is different. This time we share with all nations a joint effort, taking advantage of the remarkable achievements of science and the instinctive love of medication. We will succeed and this success will be attributed to each of us.”

The speech was broadcast hours after officials announced the high number of disease deaths in Britain, in light of expectations that the number of deaths will continue to increase this week.

The Queen thanked those who committed to their homes and in so doing helped to spare others the feelings of sadness that some families were already experiencing.

She also praised health-care workers for their dedication to work, and praised the “touching” stories of those delivering food and medicine to people in need in various Commonwealth countries.

To protect the Queen from any danger, the speech was photographed in a large room, to ensure that there was a great distance between her and the photographer who wore gloves and a muzzle, and he was the only person in the room with her.

Elizabeth said the current situation reminded her of her first address to the nation she gave in 1940, when she and her late sister Margaret spoke from Windsor Palace, and they touched on children who were evacuated from their homes to avoid air strikes of Nazi Germany
She added that people will be proud in the future of the way they deal with such a challenge, and face the disruption in their lives.

Several countries are under pressure to urge them to reconsider the infection and death statistics of the emerging coronavirus, for various reasons, after the total number of infected people exceeded 2.25 million people.
The World Health Organization said that countries will have to review the death toll from the epidemic as China has done
The British authorities announced that 888 new deaths from the Corona virus would be recorded within 24 hours, taking the total number to more than 15,000. The Ministry of Health said in a statement that the number of injured rose to more than 114,000.